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Adm. org. av D GUSTAFSON · 2002 · Citerat av 12 — En metapopulation består av ett större antal befintliga och potentiella habitat med ett antal livskraftiga Metapopulation dynamics and amphibian conservation. av SÅKE BERGLIND · 2005 · Citerat av 13 — Keywords: demography, extinction, habitat, Lacerta agilis, management, metapopulation, peripheral populations, population dynamics,  av K Fedrowitz · 2011 · Citerat av 5 — Species habitat-tracking metapopulation dynamics could partly be explained by habitat quality and size, spatial connectivity, and possibly  Molecular Ecology 21, 267 - 280. Metapopulation dynamics. Nature Allee effect and population dynamics in the Glanville fritillary butterfly.

Metapopulation dynamics

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Metapopulation dynamics over 25 years of a beetle, Osmoderma eremita, inhabiting hollow oaks, Oecologia, (Lindman, L., Larsson, M.C.,  av I Frycklund · 2001 — Metapopulation dynamics and genetics. - Ann. Rev. Ecol.Syst.25:167-188. Höjer, J. 1995. Intressanta fynd av dagfjärilar i Gästrikland 1994. –Insectifera 3 (1) 64-. This was the prevailing view within ecology in the 1950's when the terms Hanski I. 1997: Metapopulation dynamics: from concepts and observations to  av L Mestre · 2018 · Citerat av 10 — biodiversity are provided by island biogeography and metapopulation theory, of saproxylic species and the dynamics of their habitats, those associated with  Metapopulation dynamics over 25 years of a beetle, Osmoderma eremita, En metapopulation består av många mindre populationer som  of metapopulation ecology and the erratic spread of the Glanville Fritillary butterfly on Åland external link, opens in new window . More information about the  Ecology, Genetics and Evolution · Essential for biologists interested in spatial population dynamics · Serves as a valuable reference to conservationists · Covers both  av A Forsman · 2015 · Citerat av 16 — Hanski I .

Authors Dynamics of Metapopulation- Conditions for definition.- Types of metapopulation- Habi Ecology: Graduate Level; Meta-Population: - Concept of Metapopulation.- Ter Braak CJF, Hanski I, Verboom J (1998) The incidence function approach to modeling of metapopulation dynamics.

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Metapopulation dynamics

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Nature 396, 41–49. (doi:10.1038/23876). Crossref, ISI, Google Scholar.

Metapopulation dynamics

At the level of a … 1997-01-01 For the metapopulation dynamics with three states for the patch of a habitat composed of a number patches available for the reproduction, ‘vacant', ‘small' (i.e., threatened to the extinction) and ‘large' (i.e., far from the extinction risk) in terms of population size in the patch, we reconstruct the mathematical model in a general form metapopulation dynamics (Hanski 1991), we may ignore local dynamics and focus entirely on the presence or absence of species X in the habitat patches. In view of the practical applications of the model, let us further assume that changes in patch occupancy are scored at discrete time intervals, for Metapopulation studies have important conceptual links with the equilibrium theory of island biogeography and with studies on the dynamics of species living in patchy environments. Metapopulation ideas play an increasingly important role in landscape ecology and conservation biology. infected-recovered (TSIR) model for local dynamics, we propose a metapopulation model for regional measles dynamics. The model can capture all the major spatiotemporal properties in prevaccination epidemics of measles in England and Wales. Keywords: gravity models, measles, SIR model, phase difference, TSIR model, wavelet.
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A unifying framework for metapopulation dynamics. Am. Nat. 160, 173-185] presented a unifying  The crested newt has generally been considered as performing metapopulation dynamics.

Partly, the colonisations and local extinctions could also be the result of source-sink dynamics.
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Department of Physics. University  Purchase Metapopulation Dynamics: Empirical and Theoretical Investigations - 1st Edition. Print Book & E-Book. ISBN 9780122841200, 9780323155236.

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Generalizing Levins metapopulation model in explicit space

In: Bascompte J, Sole RV (eds) Modelling spatiotemporal dynamics in ecology. Springer-Verlag and Landes Bioscience, New York, pp 167–188.

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A single species metapopulation model was developed that is discrete, deterministic, and incorporates doseresponse curves and biotic growth rates to describe the effects of contamination on a metapopulation. This section deals with metapopulation dynamics in the most general setting, i.e., when seen as large systems of differential equations coupled together within a graph. We give here the graph theoretic and dynamical systems context in which metapopulation models are formulated. 2.1 Introduction Metapopulation ecology remains one of the most dynamic and active areas of population ecology! Broadly speaking, a metapopulation is just a spatially structured population. Now that we’re thinking about animals living in particular areas in space, we need to start thinking about movement ecology in addition to population ecology ! Metapopulation, in ecology, a regional group of connected populations of a species.For a given species, each metapopulation is continually being modified by increases (births and immigrations) and decreases (deaths and emigrations) of individuals, as well as by the emergence and dissolution of local populations contained within it.

Reference . Feedback Screenshot: User Instructions: The simulator consists of four regions, Variable window, Simulation control buttons, 'Viewable Window' buttons and Result display window. 2020-11-07 Stepping-stone models for the ecological dynamics of metapopulations are often used to address general questions about the effects of spatial structure on the nature and complexity of population fluctuations. Such models describe an ensemble of local and spatially isolated habitat patches that are c … Spatiotemporal dynamics and distribution patterns of cyclic competition in metapopulation For a relationship of three-species competition similar to the game of rock–scissors–paper, which is an non-transitive competitive system in contrast to competitive hierarchies, we construct the Levins-like metapopulation model (LMM) 2008-01-14 2020-06-09 Metapopulation dynamics in a broad sense are not restricted to systems with population turnover, extinctions and colonizations, but the concept developed here is based on Levins’s classic meta-population idea with extinction-prone populations in discrete habitat patches. Effect of disulfide bridges deletion on the conformation of the androctonin, polyphemusin-I, and thanatin antimicrobial peptides: molecular dynamics simulation studies. Jorge Ricardo Moreira Castro, Carlos Alessando Fuzo, Léo Degrève. DOI: 10.4236/jbpc.2011.23030 4,233 Downloads 7,702 Views Citations.