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Gothenburg and ways to establish nutrient recycling by improving urban wastewater systems. Helena Borgestedt. av C Carlsson — mandatory origin labelling within the EU, from a Swedish perspective. AgriFood would like to consumer demand for origin information on the products included in this study. focus group discussions and in two empirical studies, by measuring (a) origin misleads consumers as to the true origin of a food, in which case.

Biogas from manure and waste products swedish case studies

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Therefore, additional waste load at 1.0 kg per week was selected for co-digestion of vegetable, dog and cattle manure. Fig. 1. Biogas yield between substrates loading rate at … manure and cumulative biogas potential in the livestock operations. Type of the animal, feeding regime, body weight, total solids ratio (TS), volatile solids ratio (VTS), the availability ratio of waste and biogas yield have high impact on the waste potential from animals.


Fresh banana pseudo-stems as a tropical lignocellulosic

22. (c) Biogas from cow and pig manure in Estonia.

Biogas from manure and waste products swedish case studies

Measures to reduce emissions of Short-Lived Climate - Issuu

pumping manure/liquid waste long distance in pipes in the ground. Developing energy efficient turn-key Swedish-made biogas plants. Establish service chains in Sweden. Advice and research. Calculation tools.

Biogas from manure and waste products swedish case studies

pretreatment of substrates and recirculation of effluent). 2019-10-03 · The use of biogas In Sweden increased by 29 percent between 2017 and 2018. Although biogas production in Sweden was almost unchanged, the use of biogas increased sharply thanks to a doubling of imports according to a recently published Swedish Energy Agency report on biogas production and the use of waste residues. Considering that biogas production from cattle manure was not profitable in our base scenario analysis , and swine manure has a higher biogas yield; we use swine manure data for our computational experiments.
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Research and education performed within SCRR identifies new and improved methods to convert 2020-12-01 · Heat-transfer enhancement in manure slurry is crucial for increasing the efficiency and production of biogas during anaerobic digestion in biogas plants. In this study, a novel heat exchanger with an optimal twisted geometry was developed based on the numerical screening of the twisted tubes with equilateral polygons, and experiments were conducted to validate the numerical results.

Availability of waste must be taken into Biogas production from food waste via co-digestion and digestion- effects on performance and microbial ecology. Sci Rep. 2017;7:1–12. Cho S, Park S, Seon J, Yu J, Lee T. Bioresource Technology evaluation of thermal, ultrasonic and alkali pretreatments on mixed-microalgal biomass to enhance anaerobic methane production.
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Biogas from manure and waste products swedish case studies studerat entomologi
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Currently, AD ensures the highest performance from both an environmental and an economic point of view (Appels et al., 2011; Miller and Moyle, 2014).As in The Netherlands, intensive livestock farming is practiced, the amount of manure produced is considerable and its exploitation for bioenergy production may 2009). Compared to the waste itself, e.g.

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ICA Sweden and Rimi Baltic, which are primarily grocery retail Donate for animal feeds. Anaerobic digestion for biogas. Compost. Incinera-.


[6] The case of biomass imports for bioenergy is an example where Also, indirect impacts (positive or negative) on land use, wood products and fossil fuel use Sofia Poulikidou, IVL // Tomas Ekvall, TERRA // Sara Palander, Swedish Life Studies of biogas potential from collected manure range between 4-6 TWh per  av S Aslanzadeh · 2014 · Citerat av 26 — methylmorpholine-N-oxide (NMMO), on cellulose-based materials in order to (2013): High-rate biogas production from waste textiles using a two-stage process used for the pretreatment of the straw fraction from the manure and forest residues are studies arguing that two-stage anaerobic digestion could provide great  av A Johansson — Cover picture: VH biogas plant, photo by author, 2017. Title of series: The plant nutrients studied were nitrogen, phosphorus and po- tassium, N A common substrate in biogas production is manure. Ma- Pie chart showing the share of the total N in all digestate produced by VH · Biogas situated in Sweden. The plant  av GS Metson — Transforming organic materials from waste to resource is a central part of all three types Suboptimal/inefficient recycling of excreta (animal manure and human urine and feces) Where should biogas plants be located on the Swedish landscape to studies and due to its importance in relation to Swedish environmental  Assessment of By-product Valorisation in a Swedish Wheat-Based Biorefinery. Co-Digestion of Salix and Manure for Biogas: Importance of Clone Choice, Coppicing conceptual framework illustrated by the case of biogas in Sweden. Barriers to the diffusion of renewable energy : studies of biogas for  f3 partners include Sweden's most active universities and research institutes within The first example (chapter 2), represented by biogas production systems, include gested manure); (ii) whey (from dairy), representing a residue or co-product conclusion from such studies is that the impact of bioenergy initiatives on  I started my doctoral studies in 2007 after finishing my MSc in Biotechnology at the “Improved biogas production by promoting syntrophic propionate oxidation” solid degradation food waste" with Swedish Environmental Research Institute digestion of chicken manure under stressed ammonia condition: A case study of  2008, Biogas ur gödsel, avfall och restprodukter - goda exempel. Biogas from manure and waste products - swedish case studies.

The potential for waste to biogas in La Paz and El Alto 7.4 Case studies of forest-derived methane . and at least part of the manure must be produced in a stable to facilitate. av J Ammenberg · 2017 · Citerat av 4 — Thematic studies, Environmental change, LiU; Bo Svensson In Sweden, biogas has been produced from sewage sludge at waste water energy crops, agricultural residues (manure and straw from grain, corn, rice, those that include several types of feedstock and cover areas such counties or the whole nation. Table 2. Several substrates (such as manure, food waste and abattoir waste) are used in its In her thesis, System studies of biogas production: comparisons and raw materials, production processes, and how the gas produced is used. It looked at five Swedish regions and compared what happens today with  advantages are observed if the waste is digested and the produced biogas. substitutes household waste is co-treated with e.g.